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October updates and news

A most extraordinary 4 days with Ven Robina Courtinis in store  very soon Oct 15-18

2 day Urban Retreat . An evening discussion.  Public Talk

Dont miss this rare opportunity ~ if you haven't booked in as yet, but of course are planning to attend, any or all of the teachings please REGISTER asap ~ this will greatly assist our preparations  Ph 6267 9203 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ~ thank you



Here is a glimpse  - a teaching on ALL ABOUT KARMA by Ven Robina

PLUS 2 additions to Ven Robinas schedule

  • Risdon Prison visit Monday 17th
  • Fundraising Dinner Sunday 16th 7.30pm Saffron Indian Restaurant on the Waterfront.   (tickets available now)

Supporting jointly the Holy Object Projects of CTCT and Risdon Prison Meditation Groups' plan to acquire a new Buddha Statue and cushions for their meeting room.

Join us for a close and personal evening with Ven Robina , enjoy a delicious Indian feast and more ! Each supporter will be offered  the  newly published title by

Lama Yeshe 'When the chocolate runs out' with a word of inspiration personally written for you from Ven Robina inside.

  • Limited tickets available $70 pp Bookings : Ph 62 679 203  ~  bring a friend ~ support the flourishing of Buddhist wisdom in the west ~ for us, for all, for endless time to come~ our heartfelt thanks in advance BOOK NOW to secure your seat.

Great thanks to all whom have  responded and offered their volunteer assistance during Ven Robinas visit to date ~ we cant do it all without  you !

Very great thanks also to Deb & Yulia whom offered to cook and present meals on behalf of CTCT on 2 days during the Guyto Monks recent stay in Hobart - wonderful - thank you again

We are also very inspired  and happy to know that 3 CTCT members will be embarking on a journey of a lifetime very soon Oct18 -Nov 6 Pilgrimage to India and Nepal led this year by our recent visiting teacher to CTCT VenTenzinChogkyi

We are SO looking forward to many pics and many stories upon Deb Eleven and Emmas return especially as they will also be staying for 4 days at Kopan Monastery and just might be fortunate enough to meet with Lama Zopa Rinpoche.A most wonderful opportunity for us to request our friends of CTCT to make an offering to the Monastery and to Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche from everyone here in Hobart at CTCT whom contantly long for Rinpoches return visit to Tasmania


This Saturday October 1

New venue address CWL Hall 108 Bathurst St (off Mathers Lane) Hobart

CTCT will be open from 10 am - 4pm each Saturday ~ drop in for a coffee or tea ~  a chat ~ browse our bookshop ~ enjoy personal quiet time in the gompa area ~enjoy our library facility ~pick up a copy of the  latest Mandala Magazine ~offer your volunteer energy towards supporting upcoming events ~

Afternoon Schedule

1 - 2pm Golden Light Sutra Recitation dedicated to the long life of Lama Zopa Rinpoche

2.30 3.30pm Ever wished you could sing the prayers and praises  in Tibetan and learn all the correct tunes ? Today Fiona Stewart will lead us in learning the tunes and getting a real sense and experience of the beauty that is discovered in using our voices in praise.

It is said that  each specific tune of the prayers is originally passed down from the Masters that have received it directly via vision or dream from the Dakinis ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche advises us there is very special merit to be gained in offering our Refuge and Dedication prayers in Tibetan with the correct tunes......sung, Fiona , most beautiful singer that she is (see here a sample of her music performances ) has kindly agreed to join us and lend us her special guidance ~

3.30-4pm Guided mindfulness meditation and dedications

Next Saturday October  8

Afternoon Schedule

1 - 2 pm Golden Light Sutra Recitation dedicated to the long life of Lama Zopa Rinpoche

2 -2.30 pm Presentation by CTCT member Scott Macgrath of his work  with the meditation group at Risdon Prison

Venerable Robina Courtin is scheduled to visit the Group on Monday 17th during her Hobart visit.As many of you may be aware Ven Robina is the founder and former  director of

Liberation Prison Project

LPP distributes materials to many Prisons world wide and as a result ,approx 6 years ago, Risdon Prison contacted LLP coordinators requesting the services of someone to offer a  meditation class to a group in the Prison.

When CTCT were contacted to check if we could provide that resource in Hobart for Risdon Prison , Scott bravely accepted the challenge and continues his weekly visits ~ today he will give us a glimpse of his experiences with the inmates to date.

230- 3.30 Fiona will join us again for a polish and practice of our tunes in preparation for making beautiful offering for Ven Robinas visit

3.30-4pm Guided mindfulness meditation and dedication





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